Have you ever wanted to know what you burn throughout the day? Are you looking for tools to help your clients reach their goals? BodyMedia can show you how!

The BodyMedia FIT system automatically tracks the calories burned during your daily activities and monitors quality of sleep, an important factor in weight loss. Go online to log food and both you and your clients have the information you'll need to help them lose weight and move more.

The BodyMedia FIT system is clinically proven to improve weight loss up to 3x!

Rave Reviews from Health and Fitness Professionals

Chris Freytag

Chris Freytag

Nationally Recognized Fitness Trainer and Expert

The BodyMedia FIT Armband is a great tool to use with your clients. When you are only with them a few hours a week, it is a way to help monitor their lifestyle 24/7 and then help them to realize where they need to make change. The feedback is so motivating it helps to create behavior changes and clients are even more excited about their progress. It helps retain clients - it completes the full circle. I've had so many clients say that the Armband was the best suggestion I've ever given them - along with our workouts - the Armband keeps them honest and on track the rest of the week.

See the BodyMedia FIT system in action: