The Science

Why We Use the Sensors We Do

Back in the day, when our founders were revolutionizing this entire category of body monitoring, they set some ground rules:

  1. Create a device that could ACCURATELY measure calorie burn. "Sort of accurate" wasn't acceptable. "Kinda in the ballpark" wasn't good enough.
  2. Don't over-engineer the device and throw in every sensor PLUS the kitchen sink.
So, they set to work to determine the minimum number of sensors that would provide the raw data needed to accurately predict calorie burn. They tried and rejected lots of sensors  some too big, some too expensive, some didn't give relevant data. After lots of engineering, analyzing and evaluating, they settled on the four sensors we now have  which together predict the most accurate calorie burn outside of a lab.*

Sensors help to accurately predict calorie burn and activity

Using multiple sensors is what makes us different from other products in the market. For example the heat flux sensor measures the amount of heat given off by the body. This is energy that accelerometer-only products miss when calculating energy burn based solely on motion. BodyMedia uses four sensors to achieve our proven accuracy.

*Data on file.