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Bring BodyMedia FIT to your clients and roll in the results!

BodyMedia FIT is a body monitoring weight management system proven to be accurate and proven to work. In fact, a recent clinical study showed that individuals using BodyMedia technology lost up to 3X more weight. Integrating BodyMedia FIT into your gym, club, or office can increase client motivation, client satisfaction (hello, results!), and client retention.

As a reseller, you will also have the opportunity to purchase ProConnect, software that makes it easier for your organization to help your clients gain success. ProConnect links trainers with clients by enabling the personal trainer ("coach") to view the client's data, track their progress, and send messages directly to them. With this tool, trainers can be a part of their client's everyday life, which can lead to better results and happier clients!

Benefits of the reseller program:

  • Discount of 20% off MSRP for Armbands and Accessories purchased online with a credit card (Armbands and Displays must be purchased in minimum quantities of six).
  • Armband package will include a promotional code that allows your customers to receive 3 months free subscription to the online Activity Manager.
  • Certificates of tax-exempt status can be processed for reseller accounts so purchases are not charged sales tax.

How to sign up:

Apply to become a BodyMedia Reseller through our online form.
Once you are approved, agree to the terms and conditions and gain access to an online reseller purchase page at bodymedia.com.
Purchase and offer BodyMedia technology for sale at your business.