Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We unlock and decipher the body's secrets. We put that information directly into the hands of individuals... empowering them to improve their lives.

Our Core Values

  1. We are driven by the belief that our work helps people change their lives for the better.
    We respect our users and support their desires to improve their lives. We embrace the responsibility to give them the tools they need to succeed. And we are motivated by the fact that we are advancing healthcare – one person at a time.

  2. We do our best work when we are surrounded by diverse people who share our passion.
    In many corporations everyone looks alike, thinks alike, acts alike. We see huge value in assembling people with different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different viewpoints. From these differences comes unique problem-solving and creative solutions. And even with these differences, a common thread runs through each and every one of us – it is the intense passion we all feel for the work that we do.

  3. We believe in approaching every situation with a philosophy of continuous invention.
    We work in an ambiguous environment. No clear paths lead us to our destination. Many people would be afraid of such uncertainty, but we embrace it. That's because we are intensely curious. We continuously ideate, explore, invent, and improve. We make things better – one step at a time. This continuous invention becomes our compass and helps us navigate through the ambiguity that surrounds us.

  4. We don't shy away from obstacles.
    We're creating a new industry and regularly encounter bumps in the road. No problem. We’ll do whatever it takes to overcome these issues. Sometimes we'll be persistent and tenacious; other times we'll be flexible and resilient. We'll pick the tactic to address the situation at hand. And we'll learn from the experience to help us succeed the next time too.

  5. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
    We love what we do and are jazzed to come to work each day. We genuinely enjoy the people we work with. Sure we challenge bureaucracy, hierarchy, and formality but we do that to keep the organization fresh and to focus on the important stuff.

Our Vision

  • Our Products will be the catalyst that will revolutionize the quality and longevity of people’s lives around the world. We will be a leader of this global movement in which people will take responsibility to improve and to maintain their own health.
  • Our Simple Solutions will put actionable information into the hands of our users to make these people healthier and happier.
  • Our Users will see our products as their most trusted, most used, and most valued companion for leading a healthy and fulfilled life.
  • Our Company will measure success not only in financial milestones but also in how we've changed the way people take care of themselves.